Do you really know and understand how much Jesus paid for our sin? I don’t. *Gasp* Think! He is God in the flesh, and that He shed His beautiful priceless blood for me. For you too. The blood soaked soil Quenched my sin Because of His toil I live Let that soak in. The God […]

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S#2 If you say go

This song is super helpful for motivation. It’s super upbeat, poppy, fun, and straight off of Blanca’s debut album. (Which is a good one 🙂 ) This song seems to pop in my head whenever I feel God is trying to get me to do something bold. Do you have any songs that motivate you […]

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Do you ever chase guys more than Jesus? Sometimes I do, I do. . . Yeah, its not right in any way, I’m not condoning it…but I struggle with it. My main question for God is why? And the answer is pretty obvious. . . It’s because I’ve been sold n’ told this idea, this […]

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#1 You Get Me

So, worried God doesn’t understand you? Don’t be! He does. People may misunderstand you, but God doesn’t. The hairs on your head are numbered. The song of the week is a great one by ZOEgirl, and I hope it helps you out on whatever you are going through. 🙂 You Get Me song by ZOEgirl

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Motivational Video #2

This man has incredible faith and it’s hard to believe someone without arms and legs can be this happy! But through God you can be. Here are a few videos from him. God won’t give up on You (short) Video 1 Overcoming hopelessness (longer) Video 2 There are so many videos from Nick, so be […]

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I’m not talking about Halloween here. Many of us are haunted by our pasts, mistakes, things done or said to us…this world can be a scary place. Does your past blur your hopes for the future? Mine used to. I used to spend too many tears on crying for something that wasn’t going to go […]

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Ever hear some crazy story on the news and feel your heart race? Maybe it’s not stuff on the news, but your own life…that is making you feel stressed, upset, restless…. It happens We panic…we wear ourselves out. God doesn’t panic. He doesn’t wear out. Here’s an illustration. We all need to drink water, right? […]

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