I’m not talking about Halloween here. Many of us are haunted by our pasts, mistakes, things done or said to us…this world can be a scary place. Does your past blur your hopes for the future? Mine used to. I used to spend too many tears on crying for something that wasn’t going to go […]

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Ever hear some crazy story on the news and feel your heart race? Maybe it’s not stuff on the news, but your own life…that is making you feel stressed, upset, restless…. It happens We panic…we wear ourselves out. God doesn’t panic. He doesn’t wear out. Here’s an illustration. We all need to drink water, right? […]

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Pray for Natalie Grant

*I don’t usually talk about individuals on the blog, but since Jesus has helped me out a ton through her ministry it’s worth it. Last weekend, I heard about her cancer scare, the possibility of her having thyroid cancer, and I was upset! I mean, I know she’s only a singer (not family). . .and […]

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Motivational Video #1

We all need motivation! I found out about this video 2 days ago, and wanted to share it!!! EVERYBODY DIES, BUT NOT EVERYBODY LIVES I know this is such a short post, but if you watch the video, you’ll understand why I thought it be best, to ”step out the way.” If the video gave […]

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Something to chew on!

When you clicked on this post. . .were you expecting a smiling dog to greet you? Probably not. When I titled this post ”something to chew on” I wasn’t thinking of dog biscuits or dogs at all. I wanted to post a thing. . .that made me think as I wrote it. Sometimes God teaches […]

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Get Down! Part 1

So, there’s enough stress in the world right? Maybe you can knock some of your own stress levels down a bit by incorporating a new hobby. Dancing. Ta-DA!!!!  ”Uhh. . .what?” Okay. . .yeah it sounds a little weird. But, believe me it’s not. In fact, dancing has lots of health benefits, emotional benefits, even […]

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Let it fade. . .

Do you have a past? Does it haunt you? Does it annoy you? Maybe your yesterday’s are better than the present and you try to relive it. But have you ever thought this…it’s the past. There’s no need to cry. . .because. . . …Filling up the present with regret or missing yesterday robs you […]

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